SEO Copywriting is the writing of web texts that are readable and engaging. Texts that include a Call-to-Action; that tell the reader what to do. Texts that above all speak to, inform and convince the reader. And of course lead to a conversion.

But SEO Copywriting is also about writing texts that search engines place high in their results. Where you will be seen. You can write very effective texts, but if search engines are not able to find them they won’t be read by many potential clients. That is why we include search terms in texts that reach your target group. That way not only visitors, but also search engines immediately know what your text is about.

Do clients search using the word laptop or notebook? Do they choose holiday or vacation? Before we write texts, we make a selection of the most important keywords for your area of business and website. Together we decide how we can interweave these into the current or new structure of your website. The result is easily found, user-friendly and readable content.

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